Demographic Statistics on Obama Approval

My Rant on the Approval numbers shown below:

Well it looks like “whitey” as we are referred to by Bo’s militant other half, are about to drop that approval level to a low that could spell trouble for all in elected positions. Black America as Michele often refers to African Americans, as well as other Americans that voted for Bo need to look around & ask themselves if anything & I mean anything has improved?
Maybe your road has pot holes! Or your local train station was renovated, etc. Big deal!

Job creation may have been there on the latter, but it only lasted until the job was complete.
A few weeks or so. If you look at it clearly, this president knowingly produced projects that were a flash in the pan and weeks later the unemployment figures jump. I wonder why? Then more spending on what seems to be extended unemployment. Just putting the economy in a roller coaster effect.

So it’s time for African-Americans to be just Americans & take a hard look at what the president is doing to all Americans.
Not just “whitey” as Michele eagerly wants you to think. I know the accomplishment of having a black president is huge in this country but if the guy can’t do the job black or white he has to go.

It seems to me that there is a fear amongst elected officials that if they oppose the president & some do passionately.
They will be looked upon as being racist. Among the ever present militant leaders the “RACE CARD” will be played.
That has been an age old response in Washington but has been turned up to a few degrees hotter in this presidency.

This is what has also fostered the arrogance in this administration!

This has occurred also in the Justice System with the current Attorney General Eric Holder & he also gets what he wants because of the same fear.

It is time for The “Roberts” Supreme Court to step in & right the wrongs of this administration, even if it warrants impeachment proceedings. The impeachment proceedings should have begun months ago, but that “fear” of someone
calling “foul…race card” is still at large!
If other elected officials can’t do the job… black or white, give them the Pink Slip
and let’s get this back on track.

Oh, And all of you knuckleheaded celebrities that campaigned for this abortion of change.
Try putting your money where your mouth is now!

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “In politics there are no accidents. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.”
So ask yourselves the question, Do you approve of this plan?
Ask yourself again, Is anything better? Better yet….Is there anyone else better to do the job?

Approval numbers…….
Just read some interesting statistics on Obama’s approval rating.

Whites: 38%
Blacks: 88% same as inauguration day. Went from 88-94-88%
Hispanics: 54%. Went from 82-54%

Draw your own conclusions.