Stick a Fork In Obama! He’s Done!

This guy is the worst President in American History. I’m not going to go into detail because you all know what he’s done & what he hasn’t done .

George Soros can’t even save his sorry butt!  Sure he’ll get the true die-hard vote, but the American People are not stupid. After living through the hell this President has put them through, I find it very difficult that even one individual would vote for this President. Although there are some that border on mentally deficient/brain dead. Perhaps they may be rehabilitated when more pain has been inflicted upon them by this President. Most of that group will remain hopelessly in that state because they choose to do so. The majority of the American people will rise to the occasion & dump this President just like as he dumped them. STICK A FORK IN HIM!


Obama To Blame Republicans as Super Committee’s Kryptonite

The Super Committee as they were deeemed, were far from being so. This committee had no intention to come up with a plan to cut the budget.  Same old faces, same old “gridlock.” No kryptonite needed here. “Stupid is as Stupid does…..”

Republicans will be blamed by both the Democrats on the Committee as well as Obama. Obamites will believe this because they are blinded by stupidity, all while not believing that Obama had this doomed from the start.

It isn’t any different from other things he’s involved with. Anything connected with his ideology is automatically flawed. 

People, especially Democrats need to open their eyes & see what’s going on rather than use there little white sticks with a red tip to feel their way around!

Republicans will not go completely unscathed. They have failed to step up when necessary and should at least bend slightly ….only slightly if a compromise could be reached. 

All participants of the not so Super Committee should be made an example of by being thrown out of office via special elections for starters.  Maybe the threat of practicing extreme stupidity while occupying a seat in Congress or the Senate will propagate through the rest of the thieves & morons in office pretending to do what’s good for the country.

Super Committee, Not so Super!

Thank Obama and his committee of morons for another large hit to your 401k.

The entire house should be swept. Special elections held & all new congressmen/women, senators as well replaced. Both sides of the aisle. I don’t know about you, but I am embarrassed that any of these idiot represent the United States. That they could travel the same road as they did before causing the downgrade of the United States credit rating.

They have proved that they’re morons by creating/repeating the identical gridlock as before, while displaying that they have smaller minds than the American People realized.

Monkeys do not make the same mistake twice when faced with extreme consequences a second time.

 I’m sick if these so called Congressmen & Senators! How about you?

Vote ‘em all out!