Rumor has it that Obama watched the Demolition Man Movie with a Militant “twist” too many times.

Cass Sunstein: Censor Hannity, right-wing rumors!!
If Obama has his way…The First Amendment will be a thing of the past! Yes people, a thing of the past where only politically correct language is
authorized. Everything else will be sanitized to the goverment’s favor, a.k.a. China.
Even after Bo ‘s most recent trip to China promoting,(clear throat, cough, ahem)
Free least on the internet. This evolves! Remember the language/terms used in the movie The Demolition Man? You were fined every time you spoke unfavorably. Yes, BIG BROTHER was LISTENING AT ALL TIMES!
The American People are slowly, I repeat slowly, being conformed to a such
a civilization. No matter how extreme you may think it may be, just remember things,
issues, or circumstances that have come to fruition after seeing them in film or someone idealistic put a plan into action.

This is not a condemnation of films or inventions, but to show if a person put it on film or paper (thought of it)
another can, will or try,to take whatever the issue may be to the next level. But back to the immediate issue at hand. This infringement on the FIRST AMENDMENT must be squelched!

This is an absolute abomination of American Freedoms! We finished this fight over 200 years ago and are doing it again! When you have a President who can tell a CEO of a Major Company to resign, then determines which company will stay in business and which will fail it’s pretty obvious that the micro manager will extend himself elsewhere. This can be seen with threats to those who dislike his policies but extends to ALL Americans, Problem is too many are still ignorant to that fact. We conveniently have a hate crime law now, where you have been muzzled and is the beginning of the end for Freedom of Speech.
Case in point. …You cannot threaten anyone speaking their mind without intention any intention to harm anyone. The President infers through his mouth pieces that issues concerning particular talk shows should be CENSORED, yet it seems that he also has brought back a piece of CHINA’S policies, while including what has rubbed of from his militant friend Rev. Wright. While Rev. Wright is a Marxist by self admission and a racist, he is the one Obama should be censoring!
This Presidency is something Americans would soon hope to forget, but it will take quite awhile considering the damage that has been cause to the American People.

By the way accept Timothy Geitner’s resignation! You set him up to FAIL! So take responsibility and find some one who can do the job while also getting a straight answer from Bernanke about the missing 13 TRILLION DOLLARS!


Post Office bailout on the table? Our pockets are not as deep as yours Bo! Or as you were called years ago….BARRY!

A Postal Service spokesman tells CBS News that the agency currently owes the U.S. Treasury $10.2 billion. Now comes word that Congressman Danny Davis (D-Illinios) is calling for a federal bailout of the Postal Service and elimination of Saturday service. ….more

What else do taxpayers have to pay for 3 different ways? We already pay high postage rates, taxes & now a bailout? NO Way!
That’s THREE different ways we’re putting money into the Postal Service. THREE WAYS & now all THREE are going to increase all three !
The Postal Sevice owes the U.S. Treasury over TEN BILLION DOLLARS.

Looks like most Senators have a Price!

Looks like most Senators have a Price! This needs to be addressed in an investigation
by the Senate Ethics committee. But that is a joke in itself because 97.99% of the
Senate “fraternity” if you will, cover each other’s hind quarters & the fraternity
goes on it’s way to do what it wishes. Corruption at it’s best.
SO how do we break the vicious cycle of The People Speaking & not being heard?
An Independent investigation headed by Brian Ross of ABC News, Fox News’ Bill O’Reily
and others of their choosing need to be formed. This would help very much so with the integrity factor of the group. Then they could move forward eliminating
rotten apples, while replacing them so there could be a fair investigation rather than
a fixed one.

ObamaCare bill clears Senate with help of $100 million

Two final Democratic holdouts, Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, announced they would join in clearing the way for a full debate.

“It is clear to me that doing nothing is not an option,” said Landrieu, who won $100 million in the legislation to help her state pay the costs of health care for the poor.

Landrieu and Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election next year, both stressed they were not committing in advance to vote for the legislation that ultimately emerges from next month’s debate.

Of particular contentiousness to moderates is a provision for the government to sell insurance in competition with private companies, subject to state approval — a part of Reid’s bill expected to come under significant pressure as the debate unfolds.

Harry Reid Buying Sen. Landrieu’s Vote in Health Care Bill… ABC NEWS

touched FROZEN!
Retire this crook behgind bars! Just for suggesting it! If they can speak this freely about it, you know it takes place.Talk about corruption!The $100 Million Health Care Vote that he is trying to buy is dispicable!